We are refreshingly different. What some may view as a challenge, we see as an opportunity. Our team provide a myriad of solutions backed up with practical help for managing the unique challenges of business and personal wealth.

Our extensive experience ensures client needs can be met by our team and associates so our clients’ benefit from efficient service by professionals familiar with them and their businesses.


Accounting & Tax

The JSAG Audit & Assurance team delivers business improvements beyond statutory obligation and compliance.
Fulfilling your statutory requirements is essential. But at JSAG we offer more. Our audit commitment is based on a complete understanding of you and your business – your industry, your operating environment, your corporate goals, accounting systems and most importantly, your people.

Our experience and insight mean we can develop targeted audit plans specific to your business needs.

It also means we can focus on new opportunities and dynamic solutions to enhance performance and profitability.


Personal Wealth

Looking for trusted advice about the various funding options available? We can assist you with minimal fuss and maximum value.

Through our partnership with HELLO You’re Welcome Finance we can provide professional advice on a full range of commercial, business and personal finance options. So, whether you are looking to re-finance your home, investment properties, current business, purchase equipment or vehicles, or fund a new venture, our finance and lending service can assist you with minimal fuss and maximum value.

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Business Strategy

Through our partnership with SpekeHall we offer a broad range of business strategy services tailored to suit your current business or new venture.

The SpekeHall team have a wealth of International and local experience in developing Strategies and Business Plans for existing businesses and new projects. If you are planning to expand your current business into new markets or you have a new project that you wish to develop, we can provide the expertise you require.

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