Business Strategy Assessment

We are pleased to meet with you and discuss your plans for expanding a current business or creating a new venture. We will provide a pragmatic and measured assessment of your plans.

Business Plan Development

To expand an existing business or create a new venture it is extremely important to develop a comprehensive business plan so that all aspects of the project are examined and clearly assessed before you get underway. We have a specialist team of business plan developers who can assist with every aspect of this most important step.

Existing Brand Enhancement

Most brands require refreshing over time as quite often businesses evolve into different areas, so the original brand may not reflect the current operation. Our brand design team are experienced in ‘tweaking’ existing brands to facilitate a new look and feel of a business as it matures.

New Brand Development

New ventures and new businesses require careful consideration in respect to developing the brand. Style, Colour, Logo and the Culture of what the business plans to project are all important determining factors for Brand development. Our brand designers have extensive experience in this area and will work with you to develop a brand that will clearly express your business.

Marketing Plan Development

Every businesses success depends heavily on marketing, customers need to know what it is you are offering and where you are. We can assist in developing your marketing plan, whether it’s for a new product or service launch or to simply get your business recognised by customers.

Financial Modelling

An essential part of Business Plan development is financial modelling, you need to know how your existing business or new venture can or will perform, what happens if the market goes up or down. All of these factors are an essential barometer to success. Our financial modelling services provide you, the owner, with essential information to manage and grow your business.

Funding & Capital Raising Proposals

Every business and new venture requires capital and funding to grow and develop within their given market. We provide detailed proposals for raising capital or acquiring funding or loans from banks or other financial institutions.

Legal Agreements

From time to time businesses require legal agreements to help define a new service or expand the market reach. These may be leases, distributor agreements, contracts and other legal agreements. Our legal consultant team can assist with every aspect of legal documentation.

Franchise & Licensing System Documentation

One of the tried and proven methods for expansion is either through Franchising or Licensing a current proven and tested business format. This method of growing the business can provide extra funding, new management focus and can assist in developing your business faster than you can on your own. Our team have a proven track record in developing Franchise & License Systems.

Operations Manuals

All franchised and licenced businesses expand through repetition of a successful business model at multiple locations. They do this by developing detailed Operations Manuals so that multiple individuals can provide the same products or services, these operations manuals can also streamline the operation of an existing business. Our Franchise & Licensing team have extensive experience in developing world class operations manuals.

Ongoing Mentoring and Advice

Once your expansion plans or new venture are in place we can assist you by being a sounding board and support system. We can act in an advisory capacity and help you keep all of the agreed plans on track for success.

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